How to Get the Fuel Economy from Your Buick

Learn Fuel Economy Tips
Drive a Buick around Milton, and you will be the envy of all the drivers on the road.  With Buick reliability and an excellent warranty, it should come as no surprise that you still see a lot of older generation Buicks on the road. Simple car tips can keep your Buick running longer and increase your fuel economy. Learn how here.

Replace Parts

Unfortunately, you will eventually have to replace parts in any car you buy. Properly maintaining your Buick is crucial to maximizing fuel economy, and a key part of this is knowing when to replace various components. Replacing the air filter, mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, and tires can also have a positive impact on fuel economy. The mechanics at at the McKenzie Motors’ service center can help you achieve optimal fuel economy.

Check Tire Inflation

Ensure that your Buick’s tires are properly inflated. This is crucial since experts know that each 1-psi decrease in pressure for your four tires results in a gas mileage reduction of 0.4 percent. That may not seem like much, but it can add up. Avoid this issue by checking your tire pressure regularly, preferably at least monthly. You will also need to replace your tires when tread gets too low.

Choose Your Driving

It isn’t always possible, but you should avoid stop-and-start traffic whenever you can. Stop-and-go traffic will always give you worse fuel economy than driving on the highway, where you can maintain a consistent speed.

The team at McKenzie Motors can give you more fuel economy tips for driving around Milton, Florida. While there, have the service center inspect your Buick to ensure all components are working properly as this maximizes fuel efficiency.