Visit The West Florida Railroad Museum

West Florida Railroad Museum

All aboard! Learn about local railroad history by visiting the West Florida Railroad Museum. The museum is located inside the Milton depot, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s open Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and you can also schedule appointments to visit at other hours. It’s free to enter, but consider giving a donation to keep it up and running.

Never been before? Check out what you can expect at this museum.

Learn All About the Railroads

This museum might be small, but there is quite a bit to see. You will get to walk through two cabooses as well as a dining car and freight car. You’ll notice how much trains have changed when you walk inside the cars.

The model train room is really cool, especially the model town of Milton. That’s just one of the several scenes created for the model train room.

The outdoor model railroad garden is also a real treat. The garden has three routes, and there are lots of props that the kids will love. For instance, they’ll get a kick out of Godzilla on top of a bridge and Shrek leaving his house.

The kids will also love riding the miniature train. It goes around in a small circle, and little ones get a kick out of it.

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Use a Guide

The West Florida Railroad Museum is staffed by volunteers, and this is obviously their passion project. You can just chat with them for a bit or get a guided tour. The guided tour is the way to go. They will give you all kinds of information, such as information about how racial segregation played a role in the architecture used by the railroads back in the day.

When you visit the museum, you’ll be taken back to a time when the rails ruled the world. Now, though, you can hop in a vehicle and go anywhere you want to go. Upgrade your vehicle at McKenzie Motors Buick GMC in Milton, Florida. Your new car, truck, or SUV is just what you need for your next adventure.