Lace Up For The 6th Annual USO Runway 5K

USO Runway 5K

Runners, lace up your shoes! It’s almost time for the 6th Annual USO Runway 5K at the Pensacola Airport. Runners will take off on the airport’s runway at 10 a.m. Dec. 1. A post-race event will follow and will last until 1 p.m. Registration is $35, and the proceeds will go directly to USO Northwest Florida. Help local service members and their families by entering this race.

How It Works

This race will put you right on the runway at the airport, but instead of being powered by jet fuel, you’ll find your power in your feet. Because it’s so unusual, it feels more like a party than a race, down to the post-race event. There will be all kinds of things to do at the post-race event, including some stuff for the kiddos. Plus, there will be a silent auction so you can raise even more money for the USO.

Getting Ready for the Race

Do you want to run the entire race? That means a little training is in order. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a 5K before. You can start training now, and you’ll be ready by race time.

The key is to pace yourself during your training. Switch up jogging and walking at first. Jog for a minute, and then walk for a minute. Then, add a little more running time with each practice session, but don’t add any more walking time. For instance, you’ll need to move up to running for two minutes but only walk for a minute. Keep that going until you can run a 5K without stopping.

You also need to make sure you fuel yourself up for the race. A full stomach and a 5K don’t mix, but a banana and some yogurt a couple of hours before the race will be perfect. You’ll have the energy you need, but you won’t feel sick.

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Additional Tip

Don’t worry if you can’t run the entire race! You don’t even have to run any of it. Just come out and walk the course. It’s all for a good cause, and this just might jump-start your fitness routine.

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