What it Takes to Be a Star on YouTube

Becoming a YouTube Star Milton

From Ryan Higa, the 23 year old YouTube sensation with over 10 million subscribers, to Michelle Phan, the 27 year old with 7.5 million subscribers. These YouTube stars shot to fame practically overnight. How did they achieve such fame so quickly? You may think you need certain tricks and tools to reach their success, but becoming a YouTube star is rather simple, but, also very tedious.

Becoming a YouTube Star Milton

Starting Towards Online Stardom

First and foremost, in order to become a star on YouTube you need to sign up and create a channel. Make sure your username is very unique and memorable, as well as your banner. You need to own a camera, a smartphone camera or digital camera is a good start. You want to make sure your quality is clear and crisp. Make an intro video stating exactly what your channel will be about, whether that is music, comedy, beauty, etc. Then you can start creating your content.

Becoming a YouTube Star Milton

Showcase What Makes You Special on YouTube

In order to become a YouTube star, you need to create content that is entertaining, original, relatable and educational all at the same time. For example, Michelle Phan creates how-to makeup videos (educational/relatable). While Ryan Higa creates lip-syncing videos (original/entertaining). Lennon & Maisy started out very young creating videos of cover songs for their grandmother to watch and have shot to film and musical stardom. Your content also needs to be very consistent, otherwise your subscribers will loose interest in you. Schedule and time and day that you want to record and post your videos. Let your subscribers know when to expect a video from you. Think of it like your favorite TV show. You know exactly what day and what time it airs each week because of promotion. Treat your videos on your channel the same way to keep your subscribers coming back for more each week.

Sharing Shares the Wealth

After you have posted your video you need to create some sort of buzz without annoying others. Don’t go to people’s channel and hassle them to subscribe to you, because 9 times out of 10 they don’t. Simply watch videos, that are similar to your content, and post an honest comment stating what you liked about the video. Do this throughout the day, as much as possible in order to create connections with others. They will likely, in return, check out your channel especially if you let them know you create the same kind of content that they do.

YouTube stars are dedicated and take their channels seriously. You need to be committed in order to keep rising to the top. Good luck!