Take Your Family to Visit Cambridge Farms This Summer

Cambridge Farms

There are lots of farms in the world, but few are like Cambridge Farms. Cambridge Farms is all about green, organic living. This farm grows produce, fruits, and vegetables without the use of chemicals, and the farmers are willing to show others how to live the green lifestyle. If you want to buck tradition and live a healthier life, stop by the farm this summer. Be sure to bring the entire family as well so the kids can also learn about green living. This will be a great way for your family to spend the day.

The Grounds

This farm is quite impressive when it comes to everything that it offers. There are turkeys, ducks, goats, and chickens at the farm, and they wander around and enjoy interacting with visitors. Your kids can pet them during your visit, and you can even take one home if you want. The farmers will even tell you how to raise them. Haven’t you always wanted a pet duck? Now is your time to get one. You can even get a baby after it hatches.

You can also walk along the trails and pick some blueberries. Again, these blueberries are chemical-free, so they will be the healthiest berries your mouth has ever tasted. You can also just access the hiking trails to stretch your legs. Then, when you are finished with your walk, you can do a little shopping. Buy some fruit, vegetables, and produce to take home with you.

Herbs and Oils

You can buy more than fruits, vegetables, and produce at the farm. You can even buy essential oils and dried or fresh herbs. Use the herbs for cooking, incense, or tea, and the oils for aromatherapy. They will even customize your essential oils if you want. Let them know what type of blend you want, and they will make it for you.

Living Green at Cambridge Farms

Cambridge Farms doesn’t just avoid pesticides. The farmers are actually committed to green living, and they offer one of the few green lifestyle consulting programs around Milton. The farm uses both active and passive solar technology, and they make 100 percent natural pesticides and fertilizers. They also have a green scape landscaping project on the farm. On top of that, the farm uses fruit trees and blueberry bushes as part of an edible green scape. Basically, everything that is on the farm has a purpose, and the crew is more than happy to tell you all about it and help you jump into the green living lifestyle.

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