The Search for the Perfect Cup of Coffee in Milton

Best Coffee Milton

Do you love drinking coffee but don’t know who has the best coffee in Milton, Florida? Well then, you are in the right place. A lot goes into the perfect cup of coffee. You got to have the right blend and the right brew of it. With the places on this list you will get that, and on top of that, you will get excellent service.

Wide Awake! Café

Wide Awake! Café is located in a central spot, so it is easy to get too. The coffee is made fresh regularly, and they have a variety of coffee drinks that aren’t just plain coffee. The atmosphere is also great, and they have muffins and sandwiches, so you can get a little snack while getting your coffee.

Mama Lattes

Mama Lattes is another small shop, and their specialty is lattes. I am sure you could have guessed that by the name, though. They also offer mochas and other blended coffees. Along with the coffee, they have bagels, muffins, and other small snack foods so that you can get your breakfast or lunch in one quick stop also. It is in a convenient location which makes it easy to get in and out in a hurry.

Coffee Break Café

Coffee Break Café is on the other side of town from the other shops on this list, so if that is where you are at, then this is the store you probably want to go to. The service is top-notch, and the prices are reasonable. The coffee is made fresh regularly, and they offer any type of blended coffee you might want such as mochas or lattes. They also have superb sandwiches which make this shop a great place to stop in for some lunch.

The Piano Cafe

The Piano Café (inside Old Post Office Antiques) has a historical setting which makes the atmosphere unique. The coffee is excellent, and you can get pretty much any type you want. Also like the others, the food is good so that you can get a snack with your coffee. If you want a historical vibe from your coffee shop, then this is the shop for you to go too.


Milton, Florida has great coffee shops all around town. It is hard to pick an outright winner of who has the perfect cup of coffee, but choosing any shop off this list you can’t go wrong. You will enjoy your coffee, the service, and any snacks you get.