Plan A Trip To The Pensacola Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum

Fun and learning are usually two different things. Kids can either go out and have fun, or they can stay in and do a little learning. The Pensacola Children’s Museum combines the two to fantastic results. Your kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning. That is great news for parents who want their kids to burn off some energy while getting a dose of education.

Hands-on History

History is the theme at the Pensacola Children’s Museum. Instead of reading about the history in a book, though, your children can tackle hands-on exhibits that let them play while they learn. They’ll start on the first floor, where they will learn about colonial life in Pensacola. Your kids will be fascinated with the colonial home and fort they can explore.

Then when they move upstairs, they can explore Civil War history and so much more. They will also learn about the area’s industrial history. This will give them a better idea of Pensacola’s early days.

Go Fishing

Do you want to groom your kids to love fishing as much as you do? You can give them a taste of the sport at the children’s museum. There is a cool little magnet fishing game the kids can play. They don’t just catch the fish, though. They learn what causes magnets to repel and attract. The museum really is clever with the way it teaches kids while they play.

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Before You Go

You’re all geared up to go to the children’s museum, but you need to make sure the entire museum is open. The museum closes the first floor for birthday parties from time to time. It keeps an updated list of the closures on its website, so keep your eyes open. You don’t want to get there, only to find out that half the museum is closed.

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