Most Haunted Places in Milton

Haunted Places Milton, FL
Do you believe in ghosts? Some people in Milton, Florida do and Milton even has certain areas that are known by many residents to be haunted. There are some things about Milton that the average person does not know. According to some believers of the supernatural, Milton is one of the most haunted areas of Florida. There are some sites that are said to be haunted and there have been ghosting sightings at these places as well.

Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site

This historic park was one of the most powerful water mills in the area. Today there is a tour that will allow guests to walk through the old mill. They can walk on the elevated boardwalk as well. There is a museum that gives information about the mill as well. One of the caretakers state that there at two spirits that haunt the mill. Voices and footsteps can be heard when no one is around. The footsteps are so forceful that they will make the entire floor shake and vibrations can be felt. Guests have also reported smelling a faint smell of fire when approaching the mill.

Nichols Creek Road

Michael Wright owns a home on this road. He claims there are spirits that come out when the sun goes down. Investigate teams can visit the property by contacting Mr. Wright. While a person can travel the road they cannot go to the home without proper permission. Some believe that the spirits of a soldiers from 1865 may be haunting the property.
The area of Milton has some of the most haunted places in the state of Florida. There have been several people that have reported hearing or seeing spirits in these areas. Many of these places are open to the public that want to come and investigate the paranormal.
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it can always be fun to visit the old historical areas of the city, and if you do see a ghosts… call the Ghostbusters!