How to Make Popsicles Without Molds this Summer

Homemade popsicles

Most kids love having popsicles to eat in the summer. It is something that will cool them down from the heat and also a yummy treat. You can save money this year by making your child’s popsicles at home! You don’t event need to have popsicle molds. There are many ways for a person to be creative when it comes to making popsicles. Check some ideas for making these frozen treats using the items you already own at home.

Make Popsicles with Paper Cups

Do you have small paper cups in your home? Fill those cups with some kind of sweet drink (fruit juice, Kool-Aid, etc). Then, place small sticks into each one. Afterward, you can pop these treats into the freezer and remove when solid. The paper cups should be easy to remove, and you’ll be left with a cool popsicle! You can even leave the popsicle in the cup if you want, and scrape the cold treat out with a spoon.

Make Popsicles with Bakeware

If you do not have paper cups in your home, don’t worry. You can use a loaf pan to make your popsicles. All that you have to do is put your filling into the pan, stick in some kind of a stick every inch or so, and freeze. Once it is solid, the rest is simple. Remove your popsicles from the freezer, remove them from the loaf pan, and cut to size.

Make Popsicles with Ice Cube Trays

If you are eager to make popsicles and you would like to make them nice and small, an ice cube tray can work out well as a mold. Simply fill your ice cup tray with the fruity mixture of your choice. You can even add small pieces of fruit in if you’d like! Then, place the tray into the freezer and allow your mixture to harden. These little treats are great for young children, and adults will enjoy them too! You can eat them one by one, or use them as ice cubes. Put them in a glass and create a mix of flavors with whatever drink you choose to cool down with on a hot summer day.

There are many different ways in which you can go about making popsicles. Just figure out which option suits you the best, and start creating! You and your family can enjoy delicious, cold treats made right in the comfort of your own home. Once you are done with your desserts, visit Mckenzie Motors to find a cool ride to cruise in during those warm summer nights. Our dealership has a lot of options for you to choose from.