Eat Local At These Pensacola Restaurants


Everyone knows that locals know the best places to eat. Locals tend to pass over the chain restaurants in favor of local establishments that serve up the best food. Of course, those local establishments can be off the beaten path, so unless you know they’re there, you won’t ever get to try them. That means you’ll miss out on the best places to eat in Pensacola. You can change that by checking out these spots that locals love.

Jerry’s Drive-In

When Jerry’s Drive-In opened in 1939, it was an authentic drive-in. Carhops came out and took people’s orders, and the diners chowed down while inside their vehicles. That has changed, but the delicious food has remained the same throughout the years. You can get the standard fare, such as burgers and milkshakes, but you can also get fish chowder, fried livers, and other Southern delights. It’s not just about the food, though. It’s about the experience. The walls are filled with bumper stickers, funny slogans, and posters, many of which were donated by the customers.

Blue Dot BBQ

Blink and you’ll miss the small sign hanging outside of Blue Dot BBQ, announcing the presence of this popular establishment. The locals know where it is, though, and they come out in droves for the tasty ribs and burgers that are served up in a no-frills atmosphere. The locals also know that you can only pay cash here, so stop by the ATM when you arrive.

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O-Zone Pizza Pub

Rumor has it that O-Zone Pizza Pub has more than delicious pizza and craft beer. It also has ghosts. Some people believe that apparitions lurk on the floor above the pizza place, but that just adds to the fun. Speaking of fun, you’ll have a blast chowing down on the original pies, especially the Nutty Idea pizza. Where else can you get cashews and cream cheese on a pizza?

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