Haunted Ghost Tours In Pensacola, Florida

Ghost Tours

Did you know that Pensacola has a history of hauntings? That’s right. The Pensacola area has a long history, and that means that some souls might have been left lingering around. Can you spot one? You’re not going to find haunted places everywhere you go around town, though, so you need to get some more information about where to search. Luckily, there are a ton of haunted ghost tours in the area. Get the scoop on some of the best spots, and get ready to freak out.

Pensacola Lighthouse

If you live in the area, you’ve probably heard of the Pensacola Lighthouse. It’s on the National Registry of Historic Places, but what you might not know is the fact that it’s reported to be haunted. They say that the original owner of the lighthouse still hangs around to spook visitors when they walk around. Some people even say they can hear whispers when they go into the lighthouse. Go for yourself, and see if you notice anything creepy. The staff at the lighthouse will take you on a tour, so you don’t have to go up there all by yourself.

Haunted House Walking and Trolley Tours

Since Halloween is coming up, the Pensacola Historical Society is putting on tours throughout the city. While you do have to make a reservation in advance, it’s definitely worth it. They will dress up in costumes and take you to some of Pensacola’s most haunted places. You can choose between a walking tour and a trolley tour, so there is something for everyone. Oh, and if you want to rent a ghost detector, you can. That will really help you spot those lurking spirits.

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Haunted Restaurant

Want to search for ghosts but feeling a bit hungry? If so, the Haunted restaurant tour is right for you. The Haunted Seville Corner event will start in a café where you can grab some coffee. Then, you’ll walk to some of the most haunted places in Pensacola. The tour ends at Apple Annie’s Courtyard, where you’ll enjoy a buffet lunch with the other people on the tour. That way, you can get the scares you want while making sure your stomach is full.

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