Go Scuba Diving in Milton, Florida

Person diving in safety observing sharks

The world is an interesting place, and it only gets more interesting when you dive below the surface. Get a new view of the area by going on a scuba diving adventure. Choose a top scuba diving company, suit up, and go on your adventure.

Jolly Ranger Dive Charters

Located right down the road in Pensacola, Jolly Ranger Dive Charters tailors dives to fit all skill levels. Going on your first dive? No problem. What if you’ve been diving since you were a kid? They can set you up with the perfect experience. The dive company provides your tanks and weights for you without any additional costs and offers inshore, mid-shore, and offshore drives. Inshore dives are less than 10 miles from the shore, while mid-shore dives are 10 to 18 miles from the shore. Offshore dives are more than 18 miles from the shore. You can also go on nighttime dives with this company for no extra charge.

Bay Breeze Divers

Bay Breeze Divers is located in nearby Gulf Breeze. It offers inshore, mid-shore, and offshore dives as well. Most of the company’s charters include water and fruit to snack on, but you can bring your own food and drinks as well. In fact, it is encouraged so you stay hydrated during the trip. The company rents scuba gear, so you can get the gear you need before you take off on your trip. You can get a full rental package that includes everything you need, or you can just rent the tank.

Scuba Shack

You can also go on a dive with the Scuba Shack in Pensacola. It goes out to a ton of dive sites, so you can easily find a site that grabs your interest. The company specializes in three tank offshore dives. These dives are up to 40 miles from shore. They also specialize in night dives, natural reef dives, wreck dives, and deep dives. If you are looking for a different type of experience, book a charter with the Scuba Shack.


Regardless of the company you choose, you will have a rush when you go scuba diving. That rush can continue by getting into a new vehicle from McKenzie Motors in Milton, Florida. Choose a Buick or GMC that will let your adventure continue from one day to the next.