GMC Introduces an Industry-First Rear Seat Reminder

GMC Rear Seat Reminder FloridaIt is expected that your car will have some sort of reminder to fasten the front seat belts. In most cases, there is simply a warning light that appears on the dashboard if you or someone in the front passenger seat hasn’t buckled up. GMC is taking this innovation to the next level with the industry-first rear seat reminder, designed to ensure young children aren’t left in the car.

Premiering on the Acadia

GMC is introducing this feature on the all-new 2017 Acadia. The Rear Seat Reminder is a simple reminder that drivers need to check their rear seat when they get out of their vehicles. Therefore, instead of reminding you to buckle up, like traditional seat reminders, this one helps prevent children being left behind in the car.

Why It Matters

The GMC Acadia is a popular family vehicle in Florida and around the country, and GMC understands that parents have stressful lives. Unfortunately, around half of kids under 14 who die from heatstroke within a vehicle die because they are forgotten. There is also a significant risk of valuable items being stolen if you leave them in the rear seats. Therefore, it can protect your children and prevent the theft of items like laptops.

How the Rear Seat Reminder Works

You don’t have to do anything to activate the Rear Seat Reminder. It simply monitors the rear doors of the Acadia. If your rear doors opened and then closed 10 minutes or less before you started the car or they open and close while it is running, it will activate. Then, the next time you turn off the vehicle and open the door, the system will give you five audible chimes along with a display message to remind you to check the rear seat.

For more information on how the Rear Seat Reminder works, visit McKenzie Motors in Milton, Florida, where you can also check out the new Acadia.