Get in Shape While Working at Your Desk!

Exercise at Your Desk Milton FloridaJust because a person is stuck at their desk for most of the day does not mean they cannot get in shape. There are some great exercises to do while sitting at a desk. Now a person can get their work done and get a workout at the same time.

Use the Toes

Tapping the toes under the desk at a fast speed is a good workout. This will help burn off calories and keep the blood flowing to all parts of the body. A person can do one foot at a time and alternate feet.

Exercise at Your Desk Milton Florida

Get Up

After a long period of sitting at a desk a person should get up and stand behind the desk for a couple of minutes. Long periods of sitting can put a person at an increased risk for diabetes and obesity. Standing may not be a workout but it will help keep the blood flowing to the legs.

Exercise at Your Desk Milton Florida

Sit and Squeeze

This exercise can help work out the gluteus. All a person has to do is squeeze the buttocks and hold it in position for 10 seconds. They are then allowed to release. This is done until a person has completed this current assignment or the buttocks gets tired. Doing this for a couple of weeks will help raise the backside.

Exercise at Your Desk Milton Florida

Leg Raise

While sitting at a desk straight out a leg and hold it in place for 5 seconds. Lower the leg until it reaches the floor. Do 15 sets with each leg.

Exercise at Your Desk Milton Florida

These are some of the workouts that can be done behind the desk. This will help a person get into shape while they are working.