Find Quality Furniture And Décor From Bagdad Land And Lumber


You can buy a piece of furniture or some decor from any furniture store, but you want something special. You want something that is unique, handmade, and gorgeous, and you can get that at Bagdad Land and Lumber in Bagdad, Florida. This company builds high-quality items from reclaimed wood. Everything is handmade, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you want a showpiece, stop by Bagdad Land and Lumber today.

Your Options

It’s amazing how many pieces Bagdad Land and Lumber has available right now. You can get everything from paper towel holders to farm tables – all built by hand. You can even get crosses, frames, and so much more.

Although you might think this stuff has to be insanely expensive, it’s actually quite affordable. You can get something for as little as $35 here, so you can decorate your home without spending tons of money.

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A Rich History

The Bagdad Land and Lumber Company has a rich history. It started in the 1800s, and it quickly became the largest supplier of virgin lumber and timber in the entire world. Getting its supply from the forests in the Florida Panhandle, this company provided timber to the United States, Middle East, Central America, and more. It shut down in 1939, but it reopened in 2017.

Bagdad Land and Lumber is the place to go if you want something made out of reclaimed wood, just like McKenzie Motors Buick GMC in Milton, Florida, is the place to go if you want a new car, truck, or SUV. Our vehicles might not be the same as the reclaimed wood pieces sold at Bagdad Land and Lumber, but they do have one thing in common. Just like those reclaimed wood items, our vehicles are showpieces. See for yourself by stopping by today.