An Expert Take on the 2017 GMC Acadia

2017 GMC Acadia MiltonThe GMC Acadia has been completely redesigned for 2017. It is lighter, smaller, and even more fun to drive. It still has all the practicality Milton families want in this vehicle and is the perfect option for parents who want modern features and styling in a family-mover. Experts agree that the enhancements for the 2017 model year are well worth it and that this SUV is an ideal option for families.

2017 GMC Acadia Seating

If you are expecting the current Acadia to be the same size as the previous model, you will be disappointed. This SUV has gotten smaller for 2017, moving in classification from a full-size SUV to a midsize one. You still get three rows of seats, but the third row only seats two passengers, giving you space for seven. This is enough for most drivers, and the smaller size of the Acadia makes it easier to handle.

Configurations for All

The 2017 GMC Acadia offers enough configurations that you are guaranteed to find one you want. You can pick from six trims along with two engines and two drivetrains. There is even a version of the Acadia known as the Acadia SLT with the All-Terrain Package that has the same great features but two rows instead of three. This version also has an upgraded all-wheel-drive system.

Behind the Wheel

If you read an expert review, you will see that the 2017 Acadia is much more fun to drive than the previous model. This isn’t much of a surprise consider the size reduction resulted in a 600-pound weight loss for V6 models. The weight loss is also due to new assembly techniques and lighter materials. Even driving with the 4-cylinder engine will give you a fun experience, as this configuration is 700 pounds lighter than any 2016 version. The result is a driving experience that is agile and very car-like.

Now that you know what the experts have to say, visit McKenzie Motors in Milton, Florida, and check out the 2017 GMC Acadia for yourself.