Milton’s Founder’s Day Celebration is Right Around the Corner!

Scratch Ankle Celebration Milton

Milton’s Annual Founders Day is a celebration of the city’s historical and rich heritage while that serves a dual purpose of also helping non-profits raise funds for local charitable organizations. The City of Milton is located by the Blackwater River in Santa Rosa County, in the rich state of Florida. It’s known for its Historical Founders Day event called the “Scratch Ankle” Celebration. This year Milton will continue its tradition of celebrating Founders Day and surpass the quality of previous years. In Milton, FL, growth, progress, and the upkeep of traditions always find room for improvement.

Milton a City of History, Culture, and Progress

Milton is one of the oldest cities founded in Florida, since 1844. The Blackwater River has been a pipeline since early days of Flordia history by providing a highway for ships and other vehicles of trade. In most locations, Rivers are the reason for cities and culture to be formed, thrive, and flourish. Thus, Milton, Florida is a progressive city with exceptional history and culture. Today, Milton is known as the canoe capital of Florida and the home of Whiting Field.

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Compared to New York City or Washington, DC, Milton is a small city. But with its rural, and natural atmospheres the City/Town is alive, active, and vibrant. For the artist type, and creators there are ongoing events like The Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation‘s new Monday Night Book Club. SRACF meets every second Monday at the Dragonfly Art Gallery on Caroline Street in Milton. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm and is a haven for both writers and readers.

In April, one of the main attractions for Founders Day in Milton Florida is the 2017 Scratch Ankle Celebration. This event will be held on April 14th from 4:00 to 9:00 pm. Stop by at South Willing Street to enjoy a palette of Music, Games, Food and plenty to ensure family fun. The Founders Day Celebration got the name “Scratch Ankle” from the first settlers who got scratched ankles from the briers that lined the Blackwater River they would be walking back and forth across. The town was originally named “Scratch Ankle” in honor of these first settlers, and in 1976 the tradition of the Scratch Ankle Celebration began!

Join other Milton area residents for the Historic Founders Day Celebration known as the “Scratch Ankle” Celebration on April 14th. Drive to South Willing Street from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm in a quality vehicle from McKenzie Motors. Our dealership has everything that you need!