Car Seat Compatibility in the 2016 GMC Sierra Crew Cab

2016 GMC Sierra Crew Cab MiltonPicture a family-friendly vehicle, and you probably won’t think of a pickup truck immediately. While stereotypes say that families should stick to minivans, SUVs, or sedans, pickups with large cabins can actually provide all the same features as these vehicles but with more impressive performance. The GMC Sierra Crew Cab, for example, can keep your kids entertained and lets you install car seats with ease while towing and hauling like any other pickup.

Great for Triplets

Impressively enough, the size of the GMC Sierra Crew Cab’s interior means that you can actually fit three car seats in the second row. Of course, most people don’t have triplets, but the fact that you can fit three car seats across means that two adults should be comfortable even with a car seat in place or you can fit one adult and two car seats.

Car Seat Compatibility High Points is working hard to rate the car seat compatibility of various models, and its analysts gave the GMC Sierra Crew Cab top ratings in nearly every aspect. They pointed out that the outboard seats have two different sets for lower LATCH anchors that are easy to reach. You can even install the infant car seat with ease, without having to move the front passenger seat at all. They also found it easy to install a rear-facing car seat and a booster seat. The seat belts of the GMC are also very stable, meaning that older kids in booster seats will probably be able to buckle themselves.

You can always test how easy it is to install your particular car seat in the 2016 GMC Sierra Crew Cab before making a purchase. At McKenzie Motors, we make safety a priority and are glad to help you with whatever you need to ensure that your children are safe when driving around Milton, Florida. Visit us today to learn more about car seat compatibility in the Sierra or to take this pickup on a test drive.