Cadillac Offers Wireless Charging for Your Smartphone

Good news for tech savvy drivers seeking a brand-new vehicle that combines unmatched performance and convenience with advanced features: General Motors has decided to go the extra mile to please its prospects, by offering wireless charging for smartphones for its 2015 Cadillacs. The wireless charging technology was developed as a result of a fruitful partnership with Powermat. The 2015 Cadillac ATS coupe and sedan are listed among the first models to display this technological advancement, geared towards the users’ convenience and absolute satisfaction.

How Does the New Wireless Charging System Actually Work?

This new technology enables passengers to wirelessly charge their gadgets by inserting them in a bin placed behind the center console panel. Users must put the smartphones with wireless charging capabilities on the rubberized pad, manufactured with help from Powermat. This ingenious solution produces an electromagnetic field that can charge the batteries of the passengers’ devices. These days, General Motors seems determined to revolutionize the wireless charging technology sector to bring more portable power to the people, anytime, anywhere.

The recent Cadillac ATS integration marks a first step towards bringing power on the go in different environments, including a coffee house, a sporting arena and the interior of one’s car. While their devices are connected to the user experience infotainment system of their Cadillacs via Bluetooth, users will still manage to make the most of various functions of their smartphones, including receiving and placing calls. Clearly, this innovation was implemented to help General Motors maintain its competitive edge, while turning their 2015 Cadillac models into the epitome of convenience and comfort.

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