Biking and Hiking Trails You Should Try Near Milton, Florida

Hiking and Biking Trails

Florida is full of fun outdoor activities, including a vast assortment of biking and hiking trails. While all of the trails offer something, some stand out as the best in the state. Check out these top trails in the Milton area. Whether you want to take a casual stroll or you prefer to push your limits, you can find the perfect trail for your needs.

Timberlake Trail

Located near Elgin Air Force Base, the Timberlake Trail is a 9-mile loop trail. Most people use the trail for mountain biking, hiking, and walking, but you will see some runners passing through from time to time. The trail is easy to navigate, but there isn’t a lot of signage, so some new users might have trouble finding the fastest route to get to the beginning. However, it usually has a lot of traffic, so just play follow the leader and you will be fine on this trail.

Blackwater Heritage/Military Heritage Trail

Blackwater River State Park is home to the Blackwater Heritage/Military Heritage Trail. As you walk along this 19-mile trail, you will see wildflowers and other nice sights. The trail is paved and wide and perfect for hikers and bikers of all skill levels. The 19 miles might make you a little nervous, but you don’t have to do the entire thing. There are several entry points on the trail. Park near one of the entry points and then hop out of your car and get started. Keep in mind that it can get really hot on the trail. There isn’t a ton of shade, so go at the right time so you don’t get overheated.

Sweetwater Creek and Juniper Creek

Also located at Blackwater River State Park, the Sweetwater Creek and Juniper Creek trail is 6.8 miles long. Some people hike the trail, while others canoe the entire way. It’s moderately difficult but there are spots to sit down as you go. The best thing about this hike it is incredibly quiet. You will be able to get away from it all when you hike by the creek.

Acadia Mill Historic Site

The Acadia Mill Historic Site is home to a short 1.3-mile trail. The trail has signage that goes over the history of the mill. You do need to be careful when you walk along the trail. While almost half of it is on a walkway, the rest will take you off the beaten path. Watch out for exposed tree roots so you don’t trip.


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