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The Milton Riverfest is the Place to be on July 4th!

July 4th celebration on the beach
Independence Day is traditionally a huge celebration, especially in Milton. This is the anniversary celebration of how on July 4th, 1776, the 13 American colonies finally attained a much fought for independence from British rule. Experience magnificent fireworks (which is probably the most popular part), barbecue, patriotism, and all around fun!... [read more]

How to Make Popsicles Without Molds this Summer

Young Boy in sunglasses and hat eating a popsicle outdoors
Most kids love having popsicles to eat in the summer. It is something that will cool them down from the heat and also a yummy treat. You can save money this year by making your child's popsicles at home! You don't event need to have popsicle molds. There are many... [read more]

Biking and Hiking Trails You Should Try Near Milton, Florida

Hiking and Biking Trails
Florida is full of fun outdoor activities, including a vast assortment of biking and hiking trails. While all of the trails offer something, some stand out as the best in the state. Check out these top trails in the Milton area. Whether you want to take a casual stroll or... [read more]

Take Your Family to Visit Cambridge Farms This Summer

Cambridge Farms
There are lots of farms in the world, but few are like Cambridge Farms. Cambridge Farms is all about green, organic living. This farm grows produce, fruits, and vegetables without the use of chemicals, and the farmers are willing to show others how to live the green lifestyle. If you... [read more]