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Why You Should Take an Everglades Tour in Florida

Beautiful view of Florida landscape
Florida is the place to go if you want to enjoy outdoor adventures. One of the best ways to dive into an adventure is to go on an Everglades tour. Are you on the fence about taking one of these tours? If so, look at some reasons you should book... [read more]

5 Reasons You Should Use a Certified Mechanic for Auto Repairs

Car service procedure
When it’s time to take your vehicle in for a repair, you have two options. You can roll the dice and go with just anyone, or you can use a certified mechanic. Not sure which one to do? Check out these five reasons to go with a certified mechanic. Certified Mechanics... [read more]

Try Out these Amazing Restaurants in Milton

dinner date with friends at restaurants
When sitting down and deciding on what exactly you would like to eat, make sure you take these amazing dining selections into consideration. With options offering the best BBQ sandwiches in town, or the luxury of being able to watch the ball game with a few close friends and enjoy... [read more]

Go Scuba Diving in Milton, Florida

Person diving in safety observing sharks
The world is an interesting place, and it only gets more interesting when you dive below the surface. Get a new view of the area by going on a scuba diving adventure. Choose a top scuba diving company, suit up, and go on your adventure. Jolly Ranger Dive Charters Located right down... [read more]

Plan a Visit to the National Naval Aviation Museum This Month

National Musuem of Naval Aviation
Are you interested in military aircraft? If so, it’s time to plan a visit to the National Naval Aviation Museum. At 350,000 square feet and more than 150 restored aircraft, this is the largest naval aviation museum in the entire world. A Look Inside the Museum You will get to see some... [read more]

Visit Alligator Alley

Florida alligator with open mouth and teeth.
When you’re out and about, it’s usually a good idea to avoid alligators. That isn’t the case at Alligator Alley, though. Visitors are encouraged to look at, feed, and even touch the gators at this alligator farm. With over 450 gators to view and interact with, you will have an... [read more]